Lin Qingfeng lost gold in the 2014 National Men’s Weightlifting Championship: coach is too conservative_1

Lin Qingfeng lost gold in the 2014 National Men’s Weightlifting Championship: coach is too conservative
On the afternoon of yesterday, in the 2014 National Men’s Weightlifting Championships and Asian Games trials, the London Olympics men’s weightlifting 69 kg champion Lin Qingfeng scored 337 kg, losing to Zhejiang player Shi Zhiyong. Most of the total results were340 kg.In the jerk competition, Lin Qingfeng and the coach had a disagreement, Lin Qingfeng wanted to increase the weight to rush the gold medal, and the coach wanted him to keep the silver medal.In the end, Lin Qingfeng regretted losing the gold medal.The game was broadcast live to the national audience. After the match, Lin Qingfeng complained that coach Chen Wenbin’s footage was also broadcast.The runner-up was meaningless yesterday’s men’s 69 kg snatch competition. Lin Qingfeng only raised 150 kg, 5 kg behind Shi Zhiyong, the first snatch.In the jerk competition, Shi Zhiyong increased his total score to 340 kg. Lin Qingfeng only had a score of 190 kg in order to defeat his opponent by weight.After the failure of the first attempt to lift 187 kg, Lin Qingfeng requested to increase the weight to 190 kg, but was opposed by the coach, so the teacher and the apprentice had a dispute, and finally the Chinese men’s weightlifting team coach Chen Wenbin set the weight at 187 kg.  ”The coach has a different tactic than I think.”The opponent has already won 340 kilograms. I raised 187 kilograms or was the runner-up.A handful of 187 kg plus a handful of 190 kg, and the proportion of two 190 kg, this is almost the same as my physical energy consumption, so I want to fight 190 kg.But the coach still let me keep the runner-up, the runner-up has no meaning to me.”Lin Qingfeng told reporters last night, “After winning the gold medal at the London Olympics, I haven’t won the gold medal for almost two years, and I also hope to participate in the Asian Games.”After the game with a wrist injury, Lin Qingfeng’s coach Wan Jianhui also restored the situation to the reporter at that time. He said: “Lin Qingfeng’s right wrist is injured, and there are some injuries in the waist.I think he is in a bad state, he has confidence in himself.After losing the game, he is not completely without the opportunity to participate in the Asian Games.Lin Qingfeng also found a detail. He wanted to give up his snatch because of a wound on his right wrist. Eventually he grabbed 150 kilograms. He had already completed his task in excess and saw hope of winning gold.He said: “Before the game, because of a wrist injury, I was ready to give up the snatch only than the jerk.My character is like this. I didn’t do a good job of cooking pots, and I recognized it; but I have been conservative in losing the championship and I am very annoyed.”For complaining about coaches on live television, Lin Qingfeng said that this is just a business discussion of the game and will not affect the relationship between the teacher and the apprentice.(Reporter Shi Leilei)