Chinese women’s volleyball team beat Dominica 3-2 in five innings

Chinese women’s volleyball team defeated Dominica 3-2 after five hard games
The Chinese women’s volleyball team experienced a five-game hard fight to defeat the Dominican team 3-2, and won eight consecutive victories.In the third game of the game, the Chinese team was too impatient to win the game in the first game, and was continuously reversed by the opponent.In the fourth game, coach Lang Ping replaced the bench when the Chinese team was behind, eased the physical strength of the main force, and replaced all the main force in the final game to win the game.The Chinese women’s volleyball team experienced five hard games to defeat the Dominican team 3-2. At the end of the third game, the Chinese team was eager for success when they led 22-20. First, Zeng Chunlei served the net and then Xu Yunli dunked the ball and then Hui Ruoqi attackedOut of bounds, a series of mistakes led the Chinese team to quickly overtake by the opponent. Lang Ping did not succeed in using two points for three points. If he lost, he would win the third game.The Chinese team had a lot of trouble, and after playing the game against Colombia, they moved to another city. This game was eager to win 3-0 to get enough rest time. However, contrary to expectations, the more irritable, the more unable to take it down. The result is to return the tiger to the mountain and let the opponentStruggle with momentum, and lose another one in the fourth game.In the second half of the fourth game, in the backward situation, Lang Ping replaced Hui Ruoqi, Yang Junjing, Zhu Ting and other main players. The main players on the field were only Xu Yunli.Obviously, Lang Ping let the main force calm down, and also can get full physical adjustment.Hui Ruoqi made consecutive mistakes in the second half of the third inning, apparently having physical problems, and replacing it with a break is good for a decisive game.In the fifth inning, the Chinese team changed back to the main force, and surely won the tiebreaker, which shows that the substitution in the fourth inning is wise.  In this game, the Chinese team has almost reached a state of madness in the defense of the opponent’s free man. De La Cruz and Mabru’s serve have continuously destroyed their own pass. They can withstand the pressure and win. Zhu Ting, HuiRuoqi and other players got a lot of exercise, and also exposed the problems of the Chinese team’s insufficient stability, the lack of calm and reasonable handling of the key ball, which is beneficial to the state of the Chinese team. However, after five games, the Chinese team consumedToo much physical strength is detrimental to the subsequent game.The refraction of the Chinese team aimed to see the 3-0 ball become 3-2, and also lost a point, so objectively the Dominican team advanced to the top six even more bright.