Bomb Dismantling Expert 2 released in July, Liu Dehua, Liu Qingyun, Ni Nibiao

“Bomb Dismantling Expert 2” released in July, Liu Dehua, Liu Qingyun, Ni Nibiao
Sauna Night News January 21, the movie “Blast Slayer 2” announced that it will be released in July.In addition to Andy Lau, Liu Qingyun, Ni Ni also joined the film.In 2017, “Bomb Dismantling Expert” won the box office boxing title of the 51st domestic film, and won 7 nominations at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards.This time “Bomb Disassembly Expert 2” is still the original cast, with Liu Dehua as the producer and Qiu Litao as the director.A new story was discovered in the movie “Bomb Dismantling Experts 2”-an explosion occurred somewhere in Hong Kong. The former bomb dismantling expert Pan Chengfeng (Liu Dehua) was unconscious at the scene and was suspected of being involved in the police.After awakening, Pan Chengfeng had a memory deficit and could only find out the truth while fleeing. However, his friend Dong Zhuowen (Liu Qingyun) and his ex-girlfriend Pang Ling (Ni Ni) gave him a completely different story.Memories.The planned bombings occurred one after another, but the truth became more and more confusing.It is understood that the highlight of the movie was completed on-site framing in a landmark building in Hong Kong. The magnificent scenes and explosion effects also increased the workload of the crew. In order to present the best results, the post-production of the movie will last up to 10 months.In “Bomb Disposal Expert 2”, there will be more plots where the enemy and the enemy are inseparable, and the police and gangsters confront each other.At the same time, Xie Junhao, Ma Yuke, Hong Tianming, Huang Debin and other actors joined the film, and Jiang Haowen, Wu Zhuoxi, Cai Hanyi, Zhang Junjie, and others who have performed brilliantly in “The Bomb Demolition Expert” will all return.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Liu Jun