All other movies are postponed. Atango’s Zhuang Zhi Ling Yun: The Lone Ranger will be released in advance

All other movies are postponed. Atango’s “Zhuang Zhi Ling Yun: The Lone Ranger” will be released in advance
On March 3, despite the global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many Hollywood movies in the spring and summer seasons have announced their withdrawal and considered postponing the schedule, but “Atango” Tom Cruise starred “The Aspirations: The Lone Ranger””Announced two days ahead of schedule, from the original scheduled June 26 to June 24, foreign box office analysts analyzed, on the one hand, because the June epidemic is highly likely to be controlled, on the other hand, it also avoided6月26日上映的华纳歌舞片 《身在高地》正面对抗。As a series of 34 years after the return of the series, “Zhuang Zhi Ling Yun: Lone Ranger”, many clips do not forget to pay tribute to the upper part of “Zhuang Zhi Ling Yun”, including the famous scene of riding a motorcycle on the street, and topless beach playing.>>>视频:《壮志凌云:独行侠》新预告 《壮志凌云:独行侠》继续聚焦美军战斗机飞行员故事,阿汤哥、方·基默回归出演,詹妮弗·康纳利、迈尔斯·特New actors such as Lele and Glenn Powell joined in and directed by Joseph Kosinski (“Genesis: Wartime” and “Legacy of War”), telling us that the status of pilots is in jeopardy today, and developed UAV technology isMake their old-school flying methods obsolete.In order to achieve the real effect, many scenes of the film are shot with real machine.Including the twisted state of the face muscles of the pilot when flying at high altitude is not a special effect, it is all due to the actual impact of the actors in the flight.Sauna, Yewang Editor Zhou Huixiaowan Huang Jialing Proofreading Li Lijun