Yi Xian Qianxi sang Wonderless Self-Containing, saying that when you meet a suitable character, you must look at life

Yi Xian Qianxi sang “Wonderless Self-Containing”, saying that when you meet a suitable character, you must “look at life”
On the evening of December 22, Yi Xian Qianxi’s first solo concert-2019 “Zhanger” concert was officially performed at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center.Just after 7:30 in the evening, Yi Xian Qianxi in a red dress flicked the bass to the center of the stage and kicked off the concert with a very rock “Don’t tie me down”.The picture is from the Weibo Qianxi studio Weibo.In an interview before the performance, Yi Xiqianxi said that the theme of the concert was “Zhanger” to express “Everyone is a unique self”, and the audio-visual experience of the whole concert was the same as that just released recently.The new album “Sense of Temperature Difference” is in the same vein, “There is a warm part and a calm part, which is the balance of the two roles in my heart.”On the scene that night, Yi Xian Qianxi brought different styles of performances in the original part and cover part. They sang” Calm and Passion “,” Go “and” Insulated Animals “,” Disaster “and other individuals.The old and new songs of the company were also surprised to cover the classic works of many predecessors, such as “The Landless Self-Containment”, “Looking Back”, “Dedication” and so on.The picture is from the Weibo Qianxi studio Weibo.Looking back to 2019, Yi Xi Qianxi believes that the key word for this whole year is: busy.After numerous fans of the movie “Youth of the Youth” and the album “Sense of Temperature Difference”, Yi Xi Qianxi frankly stated, “At that time, when everyone felt that ‘Xiaobei’ was good, it was indeed a bit stressful for future roles.But after a long time, I think maybe not every work is perfect, just do my best.”Speaking of the focus of future work, Yi Xi Qianxi said that both music and film and television will be taken care of,” in terms of film and television, in fact, it depends on the life of a suitable character.Now I’m slowly approaching a very different character.As for whether to tour in the future, Yi Xi Qianxi said that he needed to see the opportunity.Sauna, Ye Chang Yang Chang editor Xu Meilin proofreading Lu Qian